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Worderella Moo mini-cards
So I never got around to showing you the mini-cards I got from MOO Print Ltd back when I was at LiveJournal. I love these things. My favorite one is the green polka-dot background with the thick white lettering (middle left).They’re small, convenient, and cheap, despite the heavy, quality cardstock. I need to order a new set since these have the old web address on the back, but as they were from a free promotional thing, I’m totally fine with that.

My plan is to leave cards in books that have a similar topic to my writing, as bookmarks, magnets, gift tags… etc. When I make the new set, I want some with my book cover on them. The only thing is that each set has the same text on the back, so I’ll have to plan well.

Worderella mini-card holderAnd they come in the coolest little carrier for the packs of 10, as you can see…

*I don’t get any kickbacks for talking about this product, I just like it.

Let’s talk about some down and dirty, yet cost-efficient marketing. This is also known as Guerilla Marketing. Using resources around you to make a local impact is bigger news to any agent looking at your work to pitch it to the big publishing bosses. How do you do this? How can one author get their name out there? AuthorHouse has a couple of good ideas that I’ve seen implemented, even before I knew what the techniques were, and they worked on me, at least. So give them a try. It can’t hurt, right?

Guerrilla Marketing
Marketing your book doesn’t require you to become a high-powered salesperson, advertising executive, or seasoned promoter. Your personal involvement and commitment to the process are the most important factors for a successful book marketing campaign. Your creativity, imagination, and energy will also contribute to the success of your marketing efforts. Use the low-cost and unexpected ideas outlined below as a launching point for crafting your own “guerrilla marketing” campaign.Read More →