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Things I Love Lately

February 2018 Edition

So back in the fall, I self-imposed a promise to my husband to stop making new house renovation projects... mainly because I'd gotten out of hand and needed to tie up loose ends on the things I'd started already. Five months later, I find myself relying heavily on my bullet journal to keep me from going mad. 

Bullet journals can be many things to many people, but at their essence, and as defined by their originator Ryder Carroll, bullet journals are a minimalist analog approach to keeping your to do list, agenda, and diary in one notebook. If you look up bullet journals on Pinterest, you see many artistic interpretations (literally) of this definition. It's pretty intimidating!

Not only have I been using bullet journals to keep track of house projects and my weekly agenda, but I also use the technique to organize my writing. I've had enough people ask me to help set up their journals that I've opened* an Etsy shop for curated, hand-drawn bullet journals for writers called BrightBirdPress, named after my publishing company.

* While this is a new project, it isn't a new house project, and therefore lives within the rules of my self-imposed ban on renovations, haha.

If you're a writer excited to start planning for Preptober, the precursor to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWrimo), you might want to check out these journals. The journals are curated by me, and I draw prompts and plotting tools in a clean, minimalist style, to pre-set the pages for your use. You also receive the exact pen I used to draw your spreads.

If you're looking for a completely custom journal set up, rather than using the typical spreads, you can do that, too!

In other news, I'm pretty excited to start reading Lucky Bet by Anna Reader. It's free for a limited time on Kindle, so grab a copy for yourself! This is a sweet regency (clean romance) about a young woman who escapes an arranged marriage by disguising as a man and escaping to London. Reviews look pretty good, and who can resist a free book?

I'm also adding another free Kindle book, The Lodestone, to my reading list. It's a middle grade book about a boy who is bitten by a creature who shouldn't exist, throwing him into a world of wizardry and danger.

I'm really digging this rooibos honeybush ginger tisane. It's a great evening tea because I find rooibos soothes nerves and ginger calms the stomach. I've heard it also helps with insomnia. I don't add sugar to my tea, but this one would be lovely with honey. Definitely make sure you don't brew this one too hot.

If you can't control the temperature of your hot water, douse the tea in cold water first to avoid burning the leaf.

Hope you enjoy the journals, free books, and tea advice!


Happy reading always,