Here is a list of things I'm thinking about, reading, watching, cooking, and listening to. Let's see if we can do this semi-monthly!

Things I Love Lately

January 2018 Edition

Happy New Year! Shall we step bravely into 2018 together?

I've decided my word, well... phrase for 2018 is "self-care."

My definition of self-care is actually two-fold... self-awareness of needs, failures, and weaknesses, and the care to address these things. We could all do a better job of pardoning our mistakes, learning from them, and moving forward, right? I have a terrible habit of dwelling on past flubs. But I hope to follow the guidance I saw on a pillow on Pinterest...

"A wise girl once said, 'let that sh*t go,' and she lived happily ever after."

Do you have a theme for 2018?

- - -

If you haven't read it yet, pick up The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters. It's a fantastic YA historical set during the Women's Suffrage era in the United States. It has hypnotism, hallucinations, and bicycles, the ultimate political statement for the Edwardian young woman!

I can't stop watching The Good Place! I feel like Season 1 was a huge set up for a very clever Season 2. If you like questioning ideologies, ethics, and cultural norms, this is a fun show for you.

I'm super excited to try these apple cider floats this winter. Apple cider, ice cream, caramel sauce, and nutmeg? All the yes.

My favorite song lately is "Feel It Still" by Portugal The Man. My husband misheard the lyrics and thought the refrain was "Ooh ooh, I'm a Rumpelstiltskin Man-Man!" I cannot stop laughing. Also, "Sorry Not Sorry" by Demi Lovato. Ugh. Cue me jamming out in my car and I don't care who sees it.


What are you looking forward to in 2018?
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Hope you find time to enjoy a nice cuppa tea, your favorite dessert, and an excellent book this winter!

From my December excursion to Asterisk Supper Club in Westerville, Ohio 


Happy reading always,