Attempting to do a better job with this newsletter. Here is a list of things I'm thinking about, reading, watching, cooking, and listening to. Let's see if we can do this semi-monthly!

Things I Love Lately

November 2017 Edition

Thanksgiving is over, but I'm pretty sure yesterday I was burning the candle from both ends, working full time and editing a novel for release. Or was that back in April? Anyway, I'm looking forward to a long holiday break, which includes an afternoon tea at Asterisk Supper Club. It's going to be glorious.

If you haven't read them yet, I highly suggest picking up The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale and Uprooted by Naomi Novik. Both are YA fairy tale re-tellings that kept me enthralled late into the night. 

The Last April is free on Kindle through Cyber Monday (Nov 27). If you don't have a copy or want to gift it, now is the time!

My latest YouTube obsession is this choreography by Bobby Dacones for "Feel It Still" by Portugal the Man. These dancers are so good! I love how each dancer brings their personality to the routine.

These vegan, gluten-free apple pie bars were a hit at my house. I'm totally making them again for the holidays, especially since we're hosting this year. The shortbread base and cookie crumble topping is made of coconut and almond flours. There are no refined sugars, butter, or wheat, yet it somehow tastes like apple pie. Works for me!

My favorite song lately is "Despacito" in 26 musical styles. Cracks me up.

I hope you're cuddled in a pile of blankets with your favorite person, animal, tea, or book. Or all of the above!

My doggies are excellent cold-weather reading pals.

Happy reading always,