I have edited 15 of 33 chapters for The Last April, my upcoming young adult Civil War novella! I hope to send it to my editor by the end of the month. Keep your fingers crossed for an April 2017 release party!

As I’m sure you know, the cost of producing a quality book is substantial. My production team is amazing, and I’m considering an expansion to include an audiobook as well as eBook and print books for The Last April.

Unfortunately, this is more than my collected funds can cover. Rather than running a Kickstarter campaign like I did for Haunting Miss TrentwoodI’m trying out Patreon.

This is an experiment. Who knows how much momentum will grow or if I cancel this soon after The Last April‘s release.

You’re not obligated to support me. I love that you read my content and make comments on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and my blog. My content on those platforms will remain free. This newsletter also remains free. If you are able to contribute one dollar a month, that’s fantastic!

Patreon Patrons will receive exclusive chapter reveals. Patrons will also see other content released first before it is  posted to my other social media accounts, such as behind the scenes about how I wrote The Last April. Certain information will only be revealed for Patrons, since Patrons are paying to support these endeavors. 

If you know of anyone looking to support a creative project, please send them to my Patreon page.

Thank you for your time. I'm so excited to bring you The Last April!

All the best,