Camp Chase Soldier Statue Toppled


  1. Hi, Belinda! That must’ve been strange to see that on Facebook. My feelings are not so mixed. I’m worried about people acting from pure emotion to topple pieces of history that offend them without adding in reason and democratic action. If something offends me, is it okay for me to act violently? I don’t think so.

    1. Author

      You mistake me; my feelings were mixed because I was wandering a cemetery of people who would have preferred to see me in chains.

      In terms of the statue, it is unfortunate it was toppled. It probably wouldn’t have been toppled had the mayor not mentioned anything, as almost no one knew the cemetery existed in the first place.

      However, I do believe we can certainly find better ways to honor the dead than statues which represent more than one thing, sometimes a very painful thing. Plaques listing names from both sides, explaining the history. Something which educates, not just art to be interpreted as one sees fit.

      The toppling happened. What shall we put in its place? Must we replace it, unchanged? Will we not use this as an opportunity to attempt to understand, to learn, to grow? Must we always idolize the past without learning, changing, growing from it? What is the point of history if not that?

      I’d encourage you to read this post.

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