Create a Booktrack (Soundtrack for Books) to Market your Book


  1. I’m a bit confused when I look at the Booktrack site. It seems that it’s free for the author to create a booktrack, but then there’s a listing of fees. I’d simply enjoy make a “sound” trailer. I don’t want to sell it. But it doesn’t look like that’s an option. So have you added sounds to the entire book and then sell it through Booktracks?

    1. Author

      Great question! So, there are a couple of ways to make a Booktrack. The method I chose was to use their existing sound library and sync the sounds (and volume/speed of the sounds) to my text. That method is the free method.

      If you want a completely customised book track, then you can use their professional services. This method requires the Booktrack staff to create new, custom sounds specific to your book. I assume if you choose this method, you intend on selling your booktracks as if they were a different version of an audiobook.

      Either way, you are not required to sell your book track. Mine is free, and I intend to keep it (and any future Booktracks) free. If you want to sell your Booktrack, or sell your eBook through Booktrack, they now provide that option (they did not when I first created mine so I had to link to my other online merchants).

      Does that make sense?

      1. Thanks Belinda, So did you add sounds to the entire book…every chapter? Or is it just the first chapter (sample). Sorry to be dense. Thanks again.

        1. Author

          Not a dense question at all! I only uploaded and put sounds to the first chapter because it took me about 6 hours to get it exactly how I wanted it. With roughly 30 chapters in my book… I didn’t want to take that much time. I’ve seen other people do their entire book and I applaud them! I do believe that the larger your file, the longer it takes to render, but that’s an assumption. I’m not entirely sure about that.

          You should try it out and let me know how it goes!

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