In which I Dance and Grab an Expert


  1. Good luck on your current projects!

    You said you set a low goal of 750 words a week. But if that's the goal that's doable for you, then that's where it needs to be. I think a lot of writers get themselves in trouble by setting goals that are too high, and then they feel like they've failed. It's better to set lower goals and go higher than set goals too high and not meet them.

    Will I see you in round three? I'll be there!

    1. You're so right. During Round One of ROW80 I was insane… I thought I could write The Rebel's Hero and a book of short stories. Instead, I maybe edited one short story, and wrote maybe eight chapters of The Rebel's Hero before realizing I needed to do more research and get guidance.

      I'm so glad I made a goal that ensures I write at least one day a week. Sure, 750 words per week sounds low, but it's doable, like you said. And I feel accomplished when I meet me goal, which leaves me energized for the next time! Usually I end up writing multiple times a week after I've hit that first 750.

  2. I didn't have a word count goal! I just made sure I wrote everyday :) So I applaud your dedication!

    Swing dancing sounds fun. When I got married we got a swing band and everyone had a blast.

  3. Good thing your friend helped you out. Better to fix it now than have a reader correct you later.

    Swing dancing DOES look like a lot of fun and your description of the dance community makes it way more inviting.

    1. If you get a chance to take a beginner swing dance class (one that's coupled with an open dance where the regulars come), do it. It's so much fun.

      Yes, I'm so glad my friend steered me in a better direction. I was feeling really stuck with the book until he pointed out some major historical gaffs on my part. I've been scouring articles and books and filling my mind with some great ideas.

  4. 750 words is 750 words! If the goal keeps you writing, it's all good.

    I've always wanted to try swing dancing. Now, if I could convince my husband…

    1. The great thing about swing dancing is that it's a social dance. This means you run around the entire night asking different people to dance, trying your best not to dance with the same person more than two or three times. As awesome as it would be to have your husband along for the ride, it isn't necessary to bring a partner with you. I mean, make sure it's cool with him first, of course, but swing dancing is a great way to socialize without expecting anything other than a dance.

  5. well done – look foward to seeing you next round – not sure i could manage swing dancing but am hoping to get back to some of dancing this summer

    1. Thanks! I just adore dancing. I don't just swing dance, I also do lindy hop, charleston, balboa, waltz, polka, and foxtrot. The last three I don't get to practice as often because they aren't as popular in my area. What sort of dancing do you like to do?

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