Sneak Peek #1 of THE REBEL’S HERO


  1. I think it's fantastic! Drew me in right away. Nothing irks me more than men thinking they own women. Keep up the good work!

  2. I love how your words paint pictures and draw the reader into the setting….and I felt the powerlessness of Veronica, who is subject to the whims of those who would determine her fate.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! Some of the feedback from HAUNTING MISS TRENTWOOD was that I could have added a little more description. It's always difficult to find the right balance.

  3. good start and you're raring to go – well done

  4. Congratulations on achieving your goals! I really enjoyed reading this and found it descriptive and clear. I could really picture the scene in my head and enjoy your style of writing.

    1. I'm so glad! I think I might try to do this each week, release an excerpt to gauge how well I'm doing.

  5. Very good, Belinda! And congrats on the word count. Doesn't it feel great ywhen you meet your goals?

  6. Nice descriptive text, I like the sense of place you establish. And, you establish it subtly enough that it's not screaming "look at all this research!". Nice set up for tension, too. And, kudo's on the goals. So glad I stopped by :-)

    1. Phew! I'm glad. There is nothing worse than an information dump in the middle of a narrative!

  7. Well done meeting your goal! :)

    I agree with the comment above that the scene is set well. For me, the character of Matthew comes over most strongly. I see Adorabella as a woman whose personality – perhaps never very strong – has been squashed by her domineering husband.

    My impression of Ronnie is that she's been used to getting her own way, before Matthew came on the scene? Perhaps it was she who dominated or manipulated her mother, before her remarriage? If I'm right, it's a good set up for a nice character arc. :)

    One little thing – would someone with Ronnie's upbringing really spit her bread into her soup? :D She might choke on it, but I can't see her spitting it out. Every atom of her being would be trained against such an unladylike display! :D

    I'm intrigued by the final touch – the dropping of the rose petal. I'll be interested to see where that goes, too. :)

    1. Oh man! Good point! I had thrown that in there simply because I feel like women are always choking on their food in historical romances…but they do so because they have nothing else available to them. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

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