I LOVE Historical Romance Web Comics


  1. What? You, a geek? LOL

    I've never really gotten into comics, but I didn't realize there were actually "romance comics". I thought they were all superheroes. :0)

    1. Haha! I know… but just in case anyone was new to my blog, I thought I should give them fair warning. That said, comics are totally not all about superheroes, as you can see. Many of the Japanese comics (manga) are full-on straight romances! I think that's why I got into those more than the traditional American type romance where it was some brooding guy with a cape out to save the world in order to satisfy his own ego.

      Wait, what? I blacked out. What did I just say? Comics are awesome. You should read these.

  2. Thanks so much for these recommendations! I fell in love with webcomics after I started reading Kate Beaton's work. Megan Rose Gedris is another favorite of mine — her "Yu+Me Dream" is gorgeous, and actually made me cry because the ending is so powerful.

    The idea of historical romance webcomics, though, kinda blows my mind with all the awesome. I'll definitely check these out!

    1. Glad to help! I also love Kate Beaton's work… I can't believe I forgot to include her on this post! I'll have to check out Yu+Me Dream. I feel like someone told me to check it out before… so this is numero dos… so I guess I should!

  3. I knew Yu+Me Dream sounded familiar! I have read that comic and thought it was fantastic. I loved the way the art style changed randomly, yet I never felt lost or confused. I'll definitely have to check out Freakangels and Virtuoso. Thanks for the suggestions!

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