Update from the Trenches


  1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I hope you get better soon (and without needing antibiotics).

    The excerpt is interesting. I like the idea of "find a man and marry him" when you don't necessarily know who he is in advance. It's an intriguing concept. Keep at it, and congratulations on progress – remember, you can fix anything in editing!

    1. Thanks. Turns out I don't need antibiotics, just a lot of sleep. I've slept 12hrs each night since I wrote this post!

  2. Even if you have to get meds, it's better than the alternative. And you're still writing through all the discomfort. Awesome.

    1. True. I ended up sleeping a lot (still congested), but I also managed to write another 1.2k words, so that's good.

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