Two Thousand Words


  1. Great word count! Thanks for stopping by my blog with your encouraging words.

    1. Thank you! I try to encourage others even (mostly when) I'm unable to motivate myself. Makes me feel like I did some good. :)

    1. Thanks Madison! We'll see what this change does. It's difficult to get people interested in your work when there are so many options out there!

  2. The discount sounds good. Your 2,000 brings up all sorts of bad memories, like the fact that I had a holiday today and did no writing at all. Ah welll, tomorrow's another day.

    1. Thanks! Everyone likes a good read, and they like it better when it doesn't cost much, right?

      Now, I didn't write that 2k in one night! It was spread over a couple of nights. Still, pretty pleased that I finally wrote something after a while.

  3. You're doing great on ROW80! I'm still halfway through editing my novel…

    1. Keep going! Editing is my favorite part because the hard work (creating from scratch) is done.

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