Unexpected Progress


  1. Dude, can you like, write a tutorial on how to do that? Because I just looked at it (and I'm no computer dummy) and I'm like "huh?"

    1. Right? I tried it months ago and gave up swearing like a sailor. I can definitely write a tutorial for it. Next Monday it'll go live. How about that?

  2. Sometimes, it's the unexpected progress that can be the most rewarding.

  3. It's definitely a step forward, Belinda. You'll benefit from that effort sooner than you think!

    1. Do you think so? I hope so! I'm trying to focus on marketing ventures that can take care of themselves a bit, since it stresses me out so much.

  4. I have no idea what you were talking about! And here I thought I knew something about the web/computers!

    1. Well… this is just about Facebook, which is a very specific part of the web/computers haha. Basically, you can have a Facebook profile, which is personal. You have to be a person to have a profile.

      But a Facebook page is for a public entity. Either a person, band, etc. Think of it as a Facebook version of a Myspace page for a band. You can "customize" the page by adding tabs through Facebook apps, which aren't really apps, but more like plugins to the page.

      Anyway, I feel you. It's not real web design, or real computer science. It's the Facebook crazy. You'll see on Monday, when my tutorial will go live.

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