Creating Custom Tabs on Facebook Pages


  1. Your welcome page looks fantastic, Belinda! Thanks for trying to help out the technotards, computer whiz. Still, this looks way too complicated for me since I don't know html code. Maybe the next time we're together I can coax some of that knowledge out of you to help with my fb page, ha ha. Hope you have a good week!

    1. Thanks Jen! Behold the power of knowing how to use Photoshop properly :P

      We can definitely have an HTML study date sometime. All I did was create an image, upload it to my website, and then I dropped the code that referenced the image into the new tab.

  2. great article for begginers. but what shall i do if i passed that stage. now all i need is to be properly explained how to create that bloody code to insert to fbml lol
    i have no money to spare right now for progrmers and havent got much time to study html from scrach.
    so how i supposed to create nice fb page to get more money for my crafts
    sorry for moaning… :D

  3. oh ive been reading it first and then i saw your link in the comments. no worries. just made my landing page out of jpeg. thank you for encouraging peeps anyway!

    you can check my landing page

  4. OMG THANK YOU! That would have taken me AGES to figure out (largely because I can't seem to stand FB for longer than 5 minutes and just leave before actually accomplishing anything–getting my Networked Blogs thumbnail updated tonight was an ordeal). No idea when I'll actually DO IT, but I am bookmarking this so I know HOW!

    1. I'm so glad this helped! I wrote the post fairly quickly as I was preparing for a week-long conference and was afraid I wasn't making sense.

      I just hope these instructions still work now that the Facebook pages are updating once again. I think the behind-the-scenes stuff is still valid, so we should be good.

  5. " There will be an option on this page to change the default landing tab from the Wall to your Welcome tab. Go ahead and do that. Or make the default landing tab something else. "

    I can't find an option of making my welcome tab as default landing page for non fans for my recently created FB page.

    Any help??

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