Stylish Blogger Award


  1. Belinda, I shall learn the Lindy Hop in your honor! Thank you for the kind award mention. I must now Google myself to find out seven facts.____Ciào :)

    1. Happy to do it! I always find your blog posts interesting and think it's great how you link to other authors on Twitter. Wanted to show my appreciation. :)

  2. Thanks Belinda! I'm honored to receive the award! I'll link back and post my response tomorrow morning. (It's going to take me that long to pick seven neat facts, though I guarantee one's going to involve disembodied arms….)

    1. Hahaha and my list of seven facts were interesting? I think not. Don't sweat it. I sure didn't. :P

  3. Thank you Belinda! And you are awesome: I've always wanted to learn the lindy hop, but was too chicken to go to vintage dances/classes alone!

    1. Thanks! I went out of desperation… I was burned out from my graduate program and needed to meet new people with low risk of judgment. What better way to do that than to join the local swing club, where I only ever have to talk to people for the length of a song, and most conversation is topical at best? Win-win situation.

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