Rewriting a Back Cover Blurb


  1. What a great idea–I love the premise for Catching the Rose! You've got some great goals set for yourself this week. Good luck!

  2. Blurbs take so much time for so few words!

    I'm kind of adjusting my original goals to suit too, no harm. I think we'll all have a better idea of what we're capable of by the end.

    1. Ugh I know! I agonize over back cover blurbs like nobody's business.

      Definitely, I think that's what's nice about ROW80. We can alter our goals to suit our needs.

  3. Thanks! I kind of learned my lesson when I first wrote Catching the Rose. I didn't plan ahead, and often felt overwhelmed. I changed things with Haunting Miss Trentwood and had a blast writing it… so with the rewrite of Catching the Rose I'm applying my new methodology.

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