Five Things I Learned about Bulk Shipments


  1. All very practical and accurate. I would add that I frequently use Flat Rate Priorty Mail for sending 1 or 2 books at a time. But then that's not bulk mailing, is it? Good advice all around.

    1. Thanks John! The thing is if you are JUST sending books, media mail is the cheapest way to go. It won't take much longer than priority flat rate mail. I've been pleasantly surprised by how quickly people receive the books using this rate.

      You also don't have to buy the special priority packaging, which saves even more money.

  2. I had a giveaway that ended 12/18 and stupidly I decided to send out books to the winners on the Saturday before Christmas. Madhouse! I learned that you can't get the media rate on the little package kiosk. (At least I couldn't figure out how to do so).

    1. So true, you can't get the media rate on the little package kiosk. I also tried and failed. At one point, when I sent out 17 packages (yes, SEVENTEEN), I felt so bad for everyone waiting in line behind me. I apologized a couple of times and finally an elderly man waved his hand at me, saying, "Stop apologizing, you're keeping the post office in business! Someone's gotta do it!"

      Everyone in line agreed, and actually thanked me for being organized with my packages. I had organized them by the different rates and sizes, so all the clerk had to do was weigh them, slap a sticker on, and put them away.

  3. I use for packaging supplies. You end up buying in bulk, but even if you only use 1/4 of the quantity ordered, you're still cheaper than the post office.

    1. I just found out about Uline through a friend… a bit too late for my purposes as I won't be distributing print copies anymore (leaving that to Amazon), but I do wish I'd found out about it sooner!

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