Empty Nest Syndrome


  1. Hey Belinda,

    I'm sorry things seem frustrating right now; I'm sure everything will work out in the end :) But I do have a couple suggestions as for books to read:
    1) You're always welcome to enjoy the recesses of MY imagination and read The German Mine and the Secret of the Salt Chairs ;)
    2) I haven't read them yet, but I have the first 4 Artemis Fowl books at home if you're interested. I don't know if that's a genre you want to read, but it's an option.

    Hope you find a great book!

    1. Thanks Ebiji!

      1. You're right, I do need to read The German Mine and the Secret of the Salt Chairs. I have it in my office, staring me down with The Eye. Better get to it!

      2. I think that's part of the problem… I feel like I'm in reading AND writing limbo. Not sure what to write, not sure what I want to read. I have a library of books and I look at them and say "meh." I'm spoiled, I think.

      Anyway, thanks for the suggestion! It might just be I've got the winter blues ahead of schedule.

  2. Susan, definitely. I picked up an Arcane Society book by Amanda Quinn the other day and enjoyed it. It's historical fiction with paranormal elements, so I haven't entirely broken out of my genre yet. But you're right about reading outside the genre. That's my pattern once I've finished a book, it just always takes me a couple of weeks to remember what I did the last time to jump out of my funk!

    I used to prowl the BookPage free magazine at my local library, but lately the recommendations have fallen flat for me.

    I have the research in place (kind of) for the new book. There was a ton of research I didn't use for Haunting Miss Trentwood that will be the basis of this new book. I love your idea, though, and am going to look up information about twins ASAP. Thanks for your suggestions! <3

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