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  1. I do want to make it clear that it wasn't your project I was lambasting in my post the other day. You actually uphold the totally professional goals, appearance, and end product and you provide something to all those who donated your venture capital. This wasn't at all true of the other indie projects I'd chanced to come across (whether those folks were uneducated, taken to the cleaners or were themselves shysters, I don't know, but their final products were not what I'd call professional or assets to the indie name). You're absolutely right that independent does mean going your own way, which I (obviously) fully support. I just hope that others follow your example and educate themselves about what they're doing so that investors can be proud of what was done with their donations.

    1. It was after my ranty comment on your blog that I realized you weren't talking about me. And I appreciate so very much that you came to my blog to make that point clear.

      I get annoyed by indie authors who don't take the time to educate themselves. As much as I love the fact that it is easy to indie publish, I dislike it for the same reason, because like you say, there are so many projects out there that are not assets to the indie name. It takes a lot of work to put a good product out there! Anyone who has been following my Kickstarter progress would know that.

      The thing I like about Kickstarter was that it was almost like a safe way for me to learn about marketing. As the deadline loomed, I learned how to cater my message. Make it tighter, more interesting, more directed. This was a lesson in marketing that was so valuable…

      <3 Thanks for your support, babe. It's just been such a long time since I've had an opinion that wouldn't just let it go until I wrote a blog post about it, I had to jump on the topic.

      Do you have links to the projects you were referencing? It would be interesting to try to critique their process and figure out why it didn't work, and how it could be improved.

      1. No, I'm afraid I don't. They were stuff I'd seen tweeted over the last couple of months and I didn't save them. I probably wouldn't post them even if I had, since the internet is an incestuous little community and I really wouldn't care for my lambasting to start a THANG because those authors got offended. :)

        1. Very true. It's difficult to critique without coming off as a jerk. But I am curious about these other projects. I might just scroll through the Kickstarter archive.

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