Don’t Write Every Day!


  1. I don’t write everyday. For me the idea that if I didn’t write everyday I wasn’t a real writer crippled me to the point that I’d go months without writing. It was the same feeling as getting caught in the query/rejection cycle. Since becoming indie, I’ve let a lot of those harmful ideas go. Now, although I might not write everyday, I definitely am thinking about my WIP everyday. I also read a lot. Getting things straight in your head, plotting, editing, reading-I completely agree that these are all things as valuable to a writer as the actual act of writing some days. I also watch a lot of Disney movies and may have used the word “day” 17 times in this comment. :)

    1. The same thing happened to me! Once I decided to go indie and realized I would have to juggle many hats (designer, marketer, producer/publisher, distributor), I realized I simply couldn’t focus on only the writing. It’s freed me to be creative in one more than one way, leaving my imagination free to dream about the WIP.

  2. Honestly, the only time that I write every day is when I’m working on NaNoWriMo. (I should be writing more but… yes.)

    Usually, when I feel myself dreading going on with a story, I usually find that I’m doing something wrong. An unnecessary scene, or something out of character. I feel like the good stuff flows easily. Maybe it’s just me, though?

    1. Totally not just you. I’m in the middle of a chapter that feels like pulling teeth, so I need to take a step back, maybe try it from another character’s viewpoint. When I’ve got it right, I know. Like you, it just flows easily.

  3. I just saw a link to this on Twitter from @duolit so I'm laaaate in commenting. But in my mind there are lots of things that count as writing because many things contribute to the overall writing process. Reading, thinking, outlining, walking my dog (cause I get great ideas then), listing verbs other writers use…..

    1. No worries! Happy to have you commenting. I agree, there are so many activities that count as writing, simply because it's such a cerebral task. Technically, you could be writing anywhere.. in the shower, while you're sleeping, while you're eating, etc. Thanks for stopping by!

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