Dangerous Liasons in Social Networking


  1. Hi Belinda – I am not a blogger but had such a horrible review posted up today of my debut novel, I felt compeltely stung so I thought, God, how do other writers cope with this? And ended up finding your site to see such words of pearly wisdom and good common sense, that I can now stop fretting and get back to my sequel, knowing it really is just being part of the job – warts and all. Thankyou so much for the blog "therapy" and good luck with your work!

    1. Denise, I am so glad you found this post and that it was helpful for you! Horrible reviews hurt like crazy, and I'm sorry you had to experience that. I hope to see you around Worderella Writes again, and that you're able to find other posts which help you!

      Definitely feel free to shoot me a question any time and I'll do my best to answer it in the blog. :)

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