Guest Post: An Introduction to Fantasy Novels


  1. George R. R. Martin’s ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ series is one of the best fantasy books out right now, notably because of its gritty, realistic, and low-magic setting. Barry Hughart’s ‘Bridge of Birds’ is a great unconventional tale, Neil Gaiman is a fun, twisted man who writes great fantasy, but doesn’t do series outside of his ‘Sandman’ graphic novels. Any one of those is well worth the time picking them up.

  2. I agree about Gaiman, I love the work he did with Stardust and Neverwhere. ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ sounds interesting, I’ll have to put it on the list to read!

    Have you ever read any Robin McKinley or Patricia McKillip? They seem to be more traditional fantasy, but how I love Deerskin and The Book of Atrix Wolfe.

  3. I’m going to disagree on “Song of Ice and Fire.” I’ve read them all, but I’m seriously worried that Martin is never going to finish the series. The first three are AMAZING, but the quality in four suffers to me and there’s still no date in sight for when he may release book 5.

    I’ve read one or two McKillip titles and enjoyed them. Robin McKinley is an author I haven’t checked out yet, but I have another friend pestering me about those books.

  4. Word Nerd, if you read Deerskin, be prepared for a very introspective fantasy that discusses a dark topic. But I thought it was beautifully handled.

    Now I really want to read Song of Ice and Fire. Why can’t there be more hours in the day (without any relational scaling of the workday, of course)?

  5. Well, I can say that you were very successful on your introduction to fantasy novels. I think I would be correct if I say that you have received lots of appreciation from this. Kudos!

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